Welcome to Superb Internet!

We will do our best meet and exceed your expectations and needs. Your business is truly appreciated.

To start you up, some quick notes about your account:

  • remember that our system is SeNsItIvE to upper and lower case directory and file names
  • index.html, index.htm, index.cgi, index.php, and index.shtml are the default-loading home pages for any directory
  • cgi-bin, status and icons are globally (shared) directories - DO NOT USE THEM for your
    own files
  • upload your Perl/PHP/HTML/TXT files using ASCII/TEXT mode
  • Your account comes complete with our user friendly and intuitive
    control panel (myCP) which allows you to do practically everything
    from your browser. It may take 48 hours for myCP to work for your account.
    To access your account via myCP, please point your browser to:
    Domain Name: your_domain_name_here
    Password: <what you specified>
  • For e-mail usage, please refer to the e-mail section of our support
    area: http://unix.support.superb.net/data/new-email.php
  • Please note that the fastest and best way to get resolution of any
    matter is to contact Support through our Customer Support System (CSS).

    The CSS is a web-based support request tracking system. All requests are
    added to a tracking database and a ticket number is issued. You have the
    option to review the status of your support request at any time, as well
    as escalate it. E-mail notifications are provided when your request is
    responded to or its status is changed. This central tracking system ensures
    the highest support level, as well as the speediest responses, since the
    most qualified technician available to take your call will do so.

    If this is your first time using it, please sign-up for a tracking account:


    It's quick, just a matter of creating a login and password account for future
    use and entering your contact details, so we know how to get back to you. Once
    you've signed up for a tracking account, all future support requests can be
    done by logging in at:

  • For more details or if you have any questions, please check in the Unix Support Area. Especially, make sure to see Getting Started for basic details to get your site up and running.
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the Superb Internet staff

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